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6 Best Basement Paint Colors

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Whether yours is a finished basement or one that you barely use, it probably lacks natural light, and while there are many ways to brighten this space, the paint color you choose will make or break your space. Painting your basement with the right shade will give an illusion of a larger space and contribute to a happy and comfortable atmosphere that your loved ones will enjoy. But what color should you paint the basement? Here are six top color options to consider.

1.  Teal

What color you should paint your basement depends on what you intend to achieve. For instance, to make a statement or add richness to your basement, then go for teal. This color is perfect with gold accent pieces and will work in basement bedrooms so your guests can enjoy the coziness of the room.

2.  Cool Gray

If you foresee your basement becoming a second living room, then go for a soothing and relaxing color like gray. This color is also ideal if you are uncertain about going light or dark in your basement. To brighten your space, pair this color with white accents.

3.  Ash Blue

Ash blue is a perfect basement color if paired with whites and greys to create a luxurious, rich feel. Choosing a shade of blue that does not make your basement feel too dark is advisable to energize the space without too much saturation. Consider ash blue if you intend to use your basement as a kitchen, guest room, or bathroom.

4.  Brown

If you love earth tones, then you can never go wrong with brown for your basement, especially the flooring. A brown tone, if properly paired, will offer an organic feel to your space. Consider deep chocolate brown for your walls and pair it with warm cream hues to enhance the space’s natural appeal for a cozy aesthetic. 

5.  Navy blue

Navy blue seems like a deep color that can make your room dark and gloomy, but this is not the case. To balance the colors, pair navy blue with light neutral colors on your basement floor.

6.  Red

Finally, red may seem bold and absurd for your basement, but using it will make your space pop, especially if you want to use the space as a bedroom.

Select Your Colors Based on Your Preferences

So, what color should you paint your basement walls? The colors you pick for your basement should flow from your home design, as they will improve the appearance and value of your home. Now that you have learned about the basement color ideas, start your remodeling and transformation by seeking the services of R&S Basements to handle your basement remodeling in Cumming, GA.


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