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9 Question to Ask a Contractor About Basement Remodeling

9 Question to Ask a Contractor About Basement Remodeling

Your home is your castle, from the bottom of your foundation to the peak of your roof. You want all of it to be its absolute best. And that includes your basement.

If you are ready for basement remodeling in Cumming, GA, you want to be certain the contractor you select is the best for you. That means doing your due diligence in vetting those you’re considering.

Part of that? Asking the right questions. Here are nine we suggest you pose to your potential basement remodel contractors.

1. How Long Have You Been a Contractor?

Experience matters when it comes to basement finishing in Alpharetta. There is a lot that can go wrong if you don’t understand the unique needs of subterranean builds. Add to that the typical contractor mishaps and you can understand why this matters.

2. Are You a Specialty Firm?

In general, when looking at contractors, the more specialized they are, the better the results they deliver. You know what they say: Jack of all trades, master of none.

3. Are you licensed?

This is an essential question to ask a contractor for remodeling projects. Unfortunately, many forget to ask it because they just assume it’s a given. Don’t be caught unaware.

4. How Much Are You Insured For?

And don’t just take their word for it. Ask for copies of their insurance certificates and check the dates on them. If they aren’t insured, not only will you need to cover damages to your property, but damages to neighboring properties and any injuries to people.

5. Can You Show Me Photos of Previous Basement Remodels You’ve Done?

Those you are considering for basement remodeling in Johns Creek should have plenty of documentation showing the work they’ve done for other clients. If your contractor doesn’t have photos, assume they are either dishonest about their experience or not proud of their work.

6. Do You Know How to Waterproof a Basement?

Waterproofing is essential to the health of your basement and home in general. You want your contractor to be able to assist with this as well as the remodel.

7. Can You Add Plumbing to My Basement?

Your basement construction contractor should be able to add plumbing to your basement so you can have a bathroom, wet bar, and/or kitchen. Chances are you’ll want a water source of some kind at the very least.

8. How Will You Keep the Dust Isolated?

With any construction project, dust and dirt are major issues. You want your contractor to be proactive about containing them, especially if you have any respiratory issues.

9. When Can You Start?

Finally, for basement finishing & remodeling in Alpharetta, you no doubt have goals for start and finish dates. The benefits of remodeling your basements are numerous. Make sure all contractors you are vetting can meet them.


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