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Basement Finishing Problems and How To Handle Them

Basement Finishing Problems and How To Handle Them

The basement is a unique space that needs the planning and skills of experienced professionals when it comes to finishing and remodeling. If you want to repurpose your basement and this is your first time, the following are the main basement finishing challenges and how to overcome them.  

Excessive Moisture

One main issue with basements is that they constantly have moisture issues, which sometimes go as far as affecting the foundation wall, leading to visible cracks and other problems. Among the valuable tips to remember to overcome basement finishing challenges is to contact a team of professional contractors. They will check for drainage issues and possible leaks and find solutions before the project starts.

Poor Lighting

One of the main basement finishing challenges is poor lighting. Considering the layout and design of the underground space, you will likely be dealing with dim or no lighting. This can be a hurdle to overcome if you want to repurpose the basement for daily use. While you can supplement with artificial lighting, the best option is to have windows installed, which will also solve the ventilation problem. If that doesn’t work, you can go for LED lighting to make the space more inviting.

HVAC System

Homeowners find the basement the perfect place to install their HVAC system for the entire house, but what about the basement itself? One of the main steps to finishing is providing a cooling and heating system to make it more comfortable for daily use. When you consult with your contractors, they will advise you on the installation of a new system or any necessary adjustments to prevent moisture and stuffiness.

Plumbing System

When it comes to the main house, the plumbing is already installed. All the water flows through a specific system and is pumped into the sewage, emptying into the septic tank or the external sewer line. But what happens to the plumbing in the basement? The sewer system in the space is likely below the main line, so the challenge is getting the flow up and out. The solution is to use one or more pumps in your basement and install collection points for sewage collection before it gets pumped up and out.

Contact Your Trusted and Experienced Basement Contractor

As you can tell, basement finishing in Cumming, GA, can be complex. A lot goes into the electrical, plumbing, and remodeling process that only an experienced team of contractors can help. Contact R&S Basements for all your basement remodeling and renovation needs.


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