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Basement Remodeling vs. Basement Finishing

Basement Remodeling vs. Basement Finishing

You want your basement to be the best it can be: warm, inviting, bright, and perfect for gathering with family and friends for a movie night. To get to that point, though, you likely need to put in some hard work. And that should start with some research. Before you hop on Pinterest for finished basement ideas and “inspo,” you need to know the right terms for the work you need done. Let’s start with remodeling vs. finishing.

What Is Basement Remodeling?

Remodeling is the most in-depth, intensive change you can make to your basement. It can start with an unfinished basement—a blank canvas—or a finished one. However, it constitutes a complete overhaul of your basement, changing the design, layout, even the plumbing and electricity in some cases. Remodeling is a big job that takes many weeks, even months, if your goal is to expand your basement. However, when all is said and done, you should have a luxurious space to enjoy.

What Is Basement Finishing?

With basement finishing, you are always starting from scratch—the blank canvas of brick and concrete and nothing else. It’s cold, it’s damp, and it’s ugly. You don’t enjoy spending time there. What constitutes a finished basement is just having the elements that make it livable. Drywall and insulation are added, there is an entryway that is up to code, it is properly ventilated, and the floor is more than just bare concrete. It may or may not be luxurious, but it is safe, comfortable, and you could add a bedroom or two down there.

Deciding Between Remodeling and Finishing

To determine if you need to start looking up basement remodeling tips or strategies for finishing your basement, start by asking yourself what you want from your basement. Do you want a space that has multiple purposes, offers stellar design and function, is comfortable to spend lots of time in, and is suitable for entertaining? You likely want basement remodeling in Cumming, GA. Is your goal to have a place to safely store items, do laundry, and perhaps set up some guest rooms that feels comfortable, though not luxurious? Basement finishing in Alpharetta is for you. Ultimately, no matter direction you go in, our basement finishing and remodeling in Alpharetta can help you achieve your goals. Contact us for your quote or to schedule service.


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