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Common Causes of Basement Flooding

A Flooded Basement

Basements can be a valuable addition to your home, given their many benefits. For instance, you can use your basement’s extra space for storage, living areas, or recreational use. While these spaces are ideal for your property, they might be quite frustrating, especially if they flood. Dealing with a flooded basement is not only costly but hazardous. In this guide, we will seek answers to the question,“Why do basements flood?” and explore the common contributing factors.

So, why does a basement flood?” The truth is there are several causes of flooding in basements. Here are some of them.

Heavy Rainfall and Poor Drainage

One of the primary reasons why a basement would flood is heavy rainfall. When torrential rain occurs, the ground surrounding your home becomes saturated and excess water can seep into your basement. If your property lacks proper drainage systems or the drains are clogged or damaged, this issue becomes more prevalent.

Hydrostatic Pressure

Another common cause of basement flooding is hydrostatic pressure. This occurs when the water table around your home rises, exerting pressure on your basement walls and floor. Over time, this pressure can cause water to seep through cracks and openings, hence a flooded basement.

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Sewer Backups

Do sewer backups have anything to do with why a basement would flood? Sewer backups can be a homeowner’s nightmare. When the municipal sewer system becomes overwhelmed due to heavy rainfall or blockages, sewage can flow backward into your basement. This poses not only a flooding risk but also serious health hazards.

Foundation Cracks and Leaks

The integrity of your basement’s foundation is critical. Even minor cracks or leaks in the foundation can allow water to infiltrate. If you have ever asked yourself, “Why did my basement flood?” these issues are often the culprits. Regular inspections and maintenance are key to preventing such problems.

Malfunctioning Sump Pumps

You need efficiently functioning sump pumps to keep your basement dry. They work by collecting water and pumping it away from your home. If your sump pump fails due to a power outage, mechanical issues, or a clogged discharge pipe, you have the answer to why your basement floods. Regular maintenance and backup power sources for sump pumps can mitigate this risk.

Keep Your Basement Dry

If you are working on your basement finishing in Cumming, Georgia, you should be especially aware of the causes of basement flooding. A finished basement is an investment, and protecting it from potential floods is essential. At R&S Basements, we offer professional waterproofing services and ensure proper drainage and sealing to safeguard your newly finished space. Reach out to us today for professional assistance.


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