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Finished Basement Floor Color Ideas

Finished Basement Floor Color Ideas

Many people view basements as these dark, creepy spaces at home mostly used for storage or laundry. This is why many people rarely renovate or give them a better finished look.  The fact is, a basement can serve as a vital extra living space for your home. You may for instance transform your basement into an extra bedroom for guests, or even transform it into a movie room. One such sure way to transform your basement’s looks is through painting its floor. However, many homeowners get confused when it comes to picking the right basement floor Paint colors. Below are some finished basement floor color ideas you can incorporate into your basement to give it a much desirable look:

1 . White

Basements with white floors are an instant attraction to anyone walking into the room. It’s the first thing anyone will notice when they walk into your basement. A basement with white flooring will brighten up your space, giving you the option to add decorative items and accessories against the white flooring.

2 . Sky blue

You can never go wrong with sky blue as your basement floor paint color. A sky blue floor color gives your basement a welcoming, calming effect. If you intend to use your basement space for relaxation, then you should seriously consider a sky blue flooring. Also, the color blue is known to promote sleep, meaning you might want to consider this floor color in case you plan to turn your basement into an extra bedroom.

3 . Gray

Another basement floor paint color idea is to use gray. Gray floor colors are very popular nowadays among many homeowners for a couple of reasons. Gray colors tend to blend with neutral décor to give a sophisticated look. Gray colors can also easily blend with deep shades of bold colors such as blue, green or orange.

4 . Brown

Earth tone hardwood floors are extremely popular nowadays. Brown floorings tend to give your basement space a warm and cozy feeling. There are different shades of brown that one may choose from, but they’re all guaranteed to give your basement the right warm and cozy feeling.

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5 . Navy blue

You may view navy blue as a deep color that will make your space feel dark and gloomy, but that’s not the case. Try using a mixture of navy blue in some sections of the basement and balance the ‘heaviness’ of the color by using light neutral colors. Doing this will break up the heavy navy blue color.

6 . Red

Using red as your basement floor color may seem absurd and bold at first thought – but that’s not the case. Using red as your basement floor color could actually make your space pop, especially if you plan to use the room as a bedroom.

Now that you’ve learned about the basement floor paint color ideas, you may be wondering how to get started or who to contact to help you transform your basement floor. If you’d like to know how basement remodeling works, then get in touch with R&S Basement for your basement finishing in Alpharetta.


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