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Fun and Creative Ways To Cover Up Your Basement Poles

Fun and Creative Ways To Cover Up Your Basement Poles

Basement poles have a crucial job, supporting the house’s weight. The only problem is that they sometimes stick out like an eyesore when you are planning to finish your basement and convert it into a livable space. Luckily, there are several creative basement pole-covering ideas to help transform them into aesthetically appealing structures. Below are fun and creative ways on how to cover basement poles.

Paint Cover

Don’t worry if the basement poles are made of bricks or metals because you can easily cover them with paintwork. This will help them blend with the walls and ceilings while brightening and widening the space.

Fabric Cover

Are you wondering how to cover a support pole in the basement in a cheap DIY way? You can go for fabric or rope pole wraps. The best part is that you can get as creative as possible with this idea, using curtains, colored ropes, or any other fabric that matches the space’s style.


If you are looking for additional storage spaces in the basement, you should consider turning the poles into classy and stunning shelves. These could be your space for displaying artwork or extra space for a bookshelf. You can also design a full or half shelf for more flexible use.

Gas Fireplace

Another exciting way to go is to convert the pillars into a fireplace. If you have the space, you can install one in a full or half wall and further cover around it using wood paneling to match the walls.

Natural Look

If you love plants and nature, consider making the poles look like massive tree trunks. This is done by wrapping the tree parts around the bars or, if you have the budget, hollowing out a tree and installing it around.

Bar Table

Are you looking to turn your basement into a bar or man cave? Why not use the pillars to hold the bar tables? You can box in two or use one as the other end. This effectively covers it up while making it attractive in the space.


You can also make it into a work of art. For instance, you can carve out wooden or stone pillars or paint murals around concrete ones. This makes them stunning statement pieces that people will love looking at.

Contact a Professional Basement Contractor

If you work with the right creative team, like R&S Basement, you will easily cover up basement pillars, converting them into the most stunning aspects of the space. Contact us for basement remodeling in Johns Creek to meet your style and needs.


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