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Get Rid Of Dinginess: How To Brighten A Basement

Get Rid Of Dinginess: How To Brighten A Basement

If you’re looking at how to brighten up a basement, then it’s likely that your basement is dark and dingy as it currently stands. Unfinished, damp, and even scary basements are unfortunately commonplace in America. A lot of people move in and simply leave their basements as they were.

However, a basement doesn’t have to be a place of discomfort. It can be one of the best spaces in your house. So keep reading to learn ways how to bring light into a basement, and improve the overall energy, when you’re downstairs.

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How To Brighten Basements

Bring Lightness To The Wall Color

High gloss, matte, and other finishes can help brighten up your space. If you use blue, off-white, or yellow colors, it can create an airy and dreamy space. Additionally, wall panels made of several materials like wood or waterproof materials can help prevent mold and property damage from your basement.

Increase The Window Sizes

A lot of basement windows are small and confining. The right remodeler can open up your windows without damaging the integrity of your home.

Ultimately, more natural light can make the space feel breezy, natural, and healing. It’s simply one of the best ways in terms of how to make a basement room brighter.

Enhance The Flooring

A slab of concrete doesn’t inspire a lot of happiness. However, with a waterproof basement floor and faux wood or light colored tile, your space will look lighter than ever.

Increase The Lighting

While it may seem obvious, ambient lighting can make a huge difference when you take your basement from unfinished to finished. You can highlight trophies, family, mementos, or entertainment areas like a bar.

Experts like R&S Basements can help you install LED lights or various lighting fixtures to improve visibility and aesthetics.

Choose Your Decor Wisely

A dark couch is going to bring the overall shade of your basement down a notch. Consider light and inviting shades that promote cleanliness, purity, and safety with their design.

You can always include a pop of color like a yellow fixture or bright wall painting. Mirrors help increase the overall light in the room. Their reflection qualities make the space appear brighter and even larger. This is especially important if you have a relatively small basement footprint.

In Conclusion

Our work speaks for itself. Let expert remodelers help transform your space with basement remodeling in Johns Creek. It will go from something dark and dingy to something warm, inviting, and high class.

Whether you want to entertain, work, or simply hang out, we can help. Your basement should be utilized to the full extent of its potential. So don’t waste any more time. Contact R&S Basement today for a free estimate and consultation.


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