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Finishing A Basement With Low Ceilings – How To Do It?

Finishing A Basement With Low Ceilings - How To Do It?

Finishing your basement is an excellent way to add value and function to your home. However, it can be a difficult process to navigate, especially when yours has a troublesome feature. For example, how can you finish a basement with a low ceiling and still have it come out looking nice?

If you are looking for a way to make your basement feel more spacious but have low ceilings, read this article. With our quick and simple tips, you will be able to finish your low-ceiling basement in a way that makes it feel homier and less like a cave.

Really Think About Your Lighting

With most parts of your home, the way to battle low ceilings is to take advantage of natural light. However, this isn’t always an option in a basement. Still, you can be strategic about your lighting choices.

Start by selecting a material for your ceiling that reflects light. This will make the space seem larger. Think metal panels, polished wood, and even high-gloss paint. Consider using LED strips along the ceiling to bring in more light and add depth to the panels. Then, use light fixtures and lamps to accent this.

Pull the Eye Horizontally

In most cases, we decorate vertically, pulling the eye up. However, with low ceilings, this just emphasizes the squat stature of the space. Instead, decorate along the horizontal plane.

Try using a large area rug or shag carpeting to direct focus lower in the room and guide the eye along its length. When hanging art, keep the middle point of all items on the same line. Consider bringing in shelving as well to direct the gaze horizontally, but don’t go full size, as this will make the space feel smaller.

Keep Things Light and Bright

Even if you love a dark aesthetic, try to lighten things up a bit in your basement. This space likely already feels dark, especially with low ceilings, so if you want some dark tones, make their accents. Otherwise, keep things light and bright in terms of paint, furniture, and other big items.

Are you struggling to conceptualize your finished basement due to its low ceilings? Let RS Basements help. We understand the ins and outs of basement design and can create a plan that matches your vision. Our basement remodeling in Alpharetta is top-notch and designed to fit within your budget.

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