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How to Know You Have Basement Water Damage

How to Know You Have Basement Water Damage

Your basement is one of the most important areas of your house to protect. For instance, if you have basement water damage, it can actually affect the rest of your home in significant ways.

In fact, it can cause irreversible damage to your property, electrocution, appliance damage and more. So take it from the experts at R&S Basements. They can help you with basement remodeling in Cumming so that it’s waterproofed and ready to stand up to any kind of elements.

That being said, it’s important to understand when it’s time to have some professionals help you out. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can tell if you have water damage in your basement.

Signs Of Water Damage In Basements

Let’s look at some signs of basement water damage:

Cracks in the wall or foundation

Water damage to basement walls will be obvious. If you have a crack in the floor, foundation, or wall, that means the water could be putting pressure on the structure of the home. Sometimes hairline cracks can seem harmless, but these hairline cracks start out small and then grow larger.

They can often become a huge hassle letting more moisture and water in. Ultimately, this can ruin your carpet and other parts of your home. So if you notice that the walls are shifting or becoming out of place, then get the experts on the phone right away.

The paint is peeling

One of the main signs of water damage in the basement is paint. If you have paint that’s peeling in your basement, that’s not a normal part of your house’s process. When it ages, it should age like fine wine, not like milk. So peeling paint is a sign that water has gotten into the foundation and that it’s deteriorating.

So if you notice this, look for cement flaking as well. This is also called spalling. You might see deposits that are white salt that is accumulating around the foundation. This is known as efflorescence.

So these two conditions are signs that damage is happening to the structure of your home. And you should have your basement refinished or repaired very soon.

Sinking floors

Sinking floors are not always noticeable right away. If your floor starts to sink, you could have foundation damage or the soil could be eroding underneath your foundation as well.

Either way, this is a sign that you have water damage that needs to be assessed quickly. If not, the problem can get worse and that means that your repair bottles are going to get more expensive.

The smell of a must

You shouldn’t smell any kind of musty smell in the air. You can use dehumidifiers and other cleaning to try to cover it up, but it still won’t go away. Musty odors mean that you might have mold or some kind of deterioration going on. This is a sign of a leak.

The leak could have gotten into your floorboards, your walls, or your foundation. Either way, it’s nothing to mess around with. You should get the professionals to take a look.

Growing of mold

If you see any kind of black, green, or brown spots, then it means you could have mold or mildew on your property. This is only going to spread and get worse. In order to prevent yourself from having to replace entire parts of your basement, have professionals refinish your basement so that it’s water and mold proof.

Waterproof Your Basement Today

If you feel like you might have water damage in your basement or that it could happen, then don’t wait any longer. Reach out to the experts in basement remodeling in Cumming, GA who can help you enjoy a finished basement.

That way you can enjoy all the activities that you want in your new basement. Whether you want to watch TV, spend more time with the family, build a game room, and more, your new space is just a call away. It’s time to stop worrying about water damage and start enjoying your property again.


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