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How To Plan A Basement Remodel

How To Plan A Basement Remodel

Investing in a finished basement is one of the best things you can do for your home. Whether you’re looking to enjoy it now or in the future, or even list your property, it’s a smart choice.

That being said, there’s a certain planning process you should adhere to for your basement remodeling. So let’s talk about how to plan for a finished basement that way you know where to start and the key elements to factor into your plans.

Where To Start When Finishing A Basement

Let’s talk about how to plan a finished basement when starting out:

Get Your Plans Laid Out

Understand what space will be used for which purpose. For instance, do you need a socializing area, an egress area for windows and bedrooms, a TV zone and a game area? It’s also helpful to start calculating how much your remodel will cost.

Items That Need To Be Inspected Or Fixed Beforehand

Check your floors, your walls, and more. You want to look for any kind of rot, decay, humidity, or anything else that may need to be addressed before you can actually remodel the home.

Waterproofing Certain Areas Of Your Home That May Need Protection

This may involve filling large cracks, installing diverters, and more. Pipes may need to be insulated, and you may need to get rid of mold.

Again getting rid of problem areas is just as important as actually installing your new, beautiful finished basement.

The Benefits Of Remodeling Your Basement


Nothing brightens the mood and provides visibility like custom lighting installations. Your basement can go from dingy and dark to beautiful and welcoming.


It’s important to select the right furniture for your basement remodel. Get something that fits the space well but also provides enough comfort so that people can spend hours at a time there.

Consider the purposes for the furniture. Is it going to be more about relaxing, enjoying games, viewing movies together, or something else?

Maximize Your Space

Without a basement remodel you’re paying money for property tax and utilities and more on your property without ever being able to use it all.

That’s why it’s so important to have proper basement remodeling. Experts can truly unlock the usage of your basement.

Get Basement Remodeling Today

Reach out to R&S Basement for basement remodeling in Alpharetta. At R&S Basements, our approach is to consult with every client to understand your needs on a deep level.

We’ll offer designs and implementation for basement remodeling that you and everyone in your family is ecstatic with. After all, it’s your home and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.


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