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How To Stop Water From Leaking Through Basement Walls

How To Stop Water From Seeping Through Basement Walls

If your basement has water seeping into it, then you’re reading the right article. Basement seepage could mean that a variety of issues are happening like expansive soil, hydrostatic pressure, compromised basement walls, or frost heaving.

If left unchecked, basement seepage can be downright costly and dangerous. It doesn’t just require costly repairs and replacements, it also can affect your family’s health.

So, let’s talk about how to stop water from seeping through basement walls once and for all — including basement finishing in Cumming.

How To Stop Basement Walls From Leaking

Understand The Source

The first step in understanding how to stop water leaks in basement walls is to know what causes them. There are several reasons why basement seepage occurs.

Hydrostatic Pressure

If the soil surrounding your basement has too much water in it, this can be an issue, especially if there’s not enough drainage.

The water will rest up against your walls and the pressure will eventually create cracks and allow the water to seep in. That way, it enters your home via weak parts in the concrete. It’s called honeycombing.

Also gaps around your plumbing pipes cause this as well. Quality basement finishing is one of the best tricks for how to stop water from leaking through basement walls.

Soil Expansion

Clay is a particular type of soil that creates pressure on your basement walls. It can swell up and cause seepage.

Frost Heaving

Frosting heaving refers to frozen soil outside of your basement. This does two things. First, the soil rises and then it settles. This causes expansion. Again, you may notice a common theme, but this pressure and expansion creates water seepage.

How Do You Stop Basement Walls From Leaking – Top Methods

Some ways to prevent water seepage are to ensure the following don’t occur:

  • Cracks – Hire professionals to ensure your foundation is sound to avoid cracks.
  • Pipe penetration – If pipes are not properly filled surrounding the area where they enter and exit the wall, then the liquid can seep through.
  • Cove joints – This refers to the space between walls and basement floors. Without a drain system, then water will leak through the joints.
  • Honeycombing – This is when concrete breaks. This can be due to deterioration in low quality basement construction.

The Best Ways To Prevent Water Seepage In The Basement

Use A Vapor Barrier

A vapor barrier is a polyethylene sheet that protects your basement from water seeping in. Read this article to learn more about vapor barriers.

Drain Tile System

You can place a drain tile system either inside the basement or outside. This collects water buildup and drains it away instead of it seeping into your home via hydrostatic pressure.


Fill cracks with a two part epoxy. This fills those little air packets and cracks where water loves to drip through.

Sump Pump

A Professional basement finishing company can help you understand the benefits of a sump pump. It rejects water out of your home if you experience seepage.

Gutter Maintenance

Install high quality gutters. Also have them maintained correctly. If you don’t maintain your gutters they can build up causing seepage in the other parts of your home.

Basement Finishing

Proper basement finishing can guard against potential water seepage hazards. From there you can have the professionals make proper repairs, suggestions, and prevention systems.

How To Stop Water Leaks In The Basement? — Call The Professionals

The best way to cure basement water seepage is to prevent it in the first place. Contact R&S Basement, who can help you enjoy an aesthetically beautiful basement.

But furthermore, they can install the right moisture barriers and mold prevention components. Proper installation, piping, material design, lighting, and more are crucial. This helps provide an environment that people love and mold hates.


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