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Is Finishing Your Basement Worth It?

Is Finishing Your Basement Worth It?

In most of the South, having a basement is as common as having a kitchen. And in a bad storm, it could save your life. However, most homes come with bare basements—little more than four walls and a concrete floor. basement finishing in Alpharetta allows you to make your subterranean level feel like a genuine part of your home. But is the expense worth what you get out of the process? Let’s look at what finishing a basement can do for you.

Add Value

How much value can a finished basement add to your home? While it won’t match the value added by main floor living spaces, finishing your basement will make your home more appealing to buyers and renters. According to Zillow, you should see around 70 percent return on investment when you finish your basement. Keep in mind, it doesn’t need to be luxurious; just flooring and dry wall can be enough to up your home value.

Bring in an Extra Bathroom

We’ve all had those moments where we have too many guests and too few toilets, or everyone rushing in from a long drive ready to fight for the bathroom. If you opt for basement finishing in Cumming, you can add an extra one, making your home more comfortable for everyone.

Create Organized Storage

Maybe your basement is nothing more than a storage space to you; there is nothing wrong with that. But finishing your basement can make this space more useful to you. In addition to providing better protection for your items, you can add shelving and other items as part of the remodeling process.

Create an Income Property

Depending on your zoning laws, you might be able to turn your basement into a separate living space that you can rent out. This ensures you will see a full return on investment since you will be earning rental income each month once the project is ready to go. You can ask your contractor to help you determine if this is viable in your city.

Give the Kids a Place to Play

Finally, a finished basement is an ideal place to put the playroom. It is out of the way, won’t disturb guests, and it eliminates the hazards of unfinished basements. Plus, once the basement is finished, it won’t look so creepy anymore, so chances are the kids will love it. For more information on basement finishing in Alpharetta, contact RS Basements.


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