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Partially Finished Basement Hacks if on a Budget

Partially Finished Basement Hacks if on a Budget

There are many basement finishing ideas to explore when you need an extra functional space. However, your budget is the most crucial of the several considerations to make when finishing a basement. So what can you do to avoid the higher costs? The following are tips on how to partially finish your basement on a budget.

Industrial Style Ceilings

Covering the ceiling can be costly, so why not leave it unfinished for a perfect industrial-like look? It is a new trend in various buildings and makes a bold statement in the space while saving you a lot of money. You can also spray paint it white, gray, black, or anything that blends effortlessly.

Skip the Drywall

You don’t have to go for drywall if it is over budget. It may offer a clean look, but it is expensive and needs a lot of work, from the taping to the re-coating. As a cheaper alternative, you can always go for OSB (oriented strand board) or other viable options. It won’t need as much work as drywall and will still make your basement look amazing.

Go Easy on Flooring

One of the most effective partially finished basement ideas is leaving the floor intact. Concrete is workable, as you can use rugs and carpets for a cheaper finish instead of luxury floorings. Some homeowners also use cheap paint or epoxy for additional color.

Cheaper Fixtures

If you want your basement to look cozy and modern but have a tight budget, you must opt for cheaper fixtures. Lighting, for instance, can be pricey, so use simple yet powerful LEDs instead of luxurious ones. You can even supplement them with lamps in various basement parts for additional lighting. Additionally, you can skip plumbing fixtures, which can be costly, saving on sink and toilet costs and other plumbing systems.

Simple layout

One last hack for reducing basement finishing costs is to avoid partitioning. The more walls and rooms you create, the more drywall, electricity, paint, and other finishes will cost. If you must divide the space, using movable dividers and other temporary partitions will be cheaper. You can play around with an open floor plan for a modern touch, which is a win-win.

Seek the Services of Professional Basement Contractors

Basement remodeling and finishing don’t have to break the bank. If you hire professional help, like R&S Basements for basement finishing in Cumming, you are sure to make the most of your space—even on a budget.


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