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Remodeled Basement Ideas For Kids

Remodeled Basement Ideas For Kids

When it comes to remodeling your basement, you probably have a lot of ideas in mind. Of course something that can easily be overlooked is making your basement kid-friendly.

Even if that’s not the focus of the redesign, it’s important to do that for a number of reasons. Let’s explore why kids’ basements are an excellent design choice.

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Benefits Of Kid Friendly Basements

There are several advantages to redesigning your basement to be more kid-friendly, such as:

More Space To Play

When kids are growing, they need a space to learn, play, and be free. This is especially true if they can’t go outside.

Instead of your basement simply being a dark, scary place where you store a few old dusty items, turn it into a playroom.

Consider basement play area ideas like adding a ping-pong table, TV, or even a mini golf course. There are several things you can do to make your basement kid-friendly.

A Year-Round Space

When it’s not the summer or the spring and it’s harder for kids to go outside, a kid-friendly basement will be a huge advantage to your family. Your kids can still get exercise and play if it’s snowing outside.

Give The Parents Some Space

There’s nothing wrong with having different spaces in your home for different age groups. For instance, adults can be upstairs enjoying a nice quiet evening while the kids are downstairs making noise.


This might go without saying, but a kid-friendly basement will be more safe than a basement that’s simply designed without that in mind.

You can have the experts install special electrical outlets, surfaces such as a lack of hard edges and corners, and other materials to make sure that the area is safer for playing or young children in general.

Redesigning Basements For Kids: Ideas


You can turn your entire basement into a giant playroom. Use chalkboard paint so they can color on the wall without getting in trouble. Add a small basketball hoop or soccer goal so they can play inside without damaging the walls as well.

Room Separations

You can create a smaller separate kids room outside of the main basement area. This could have curtains or a see-through wall. In other words, it’s a way for the kids to feel like they’re separate and private while still letting the parents keep an eye on them.

A Media Room

Consider putting video games, a projector, or TV all in one little room. That way anytime they want to engage with digital media, they have a place to go.

Get Kids Basement Ideas Today

Reach out to the best company for Cumming basement finishing. At R&S Basements, we’re here to turn your ideas into a reality for kids’ basements or other remodels.

From playrooms to media rooms and more, we can make it all happen. So contact us today and let’s make your dream come true.


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