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How to Finish a Basement: 7 Steps to Follow

How to Finish a Basement: 7 Steps to Follow

Could you do with a little more livable space in your house? If you have an unfinished basement, that’s the place to start. You get to increase the function of your home without the massive costs associated with an addition. While simpler than adding another floor, there are steps to finishing a basement to keep in mind. So, what should you expect from Cumming basement finishing?

Step One: Apply for a Permit

You might assume that since your basement is inside your home, you can go ahead and finish it without applying for permits. However, if you are doing electrical or structural work, it is required. If you don’t and things go wrong, it could cause problems with your insurance company and your profits should you sell your home in the future.

Step Two: Clear it Out

Nothing should be left in the basement as you gear up for finishing. While you likely use this space for storage, everything must go for the majority of the process. Rent a storage unit if necessary.

Step Three: Waterproof

Basements often suffer from leaks due to moisture in the ground. Waterproofing seals the floor and walls so this cannot seep inside. This must be done before any other finishing steps.

Step Four: Take Care of the Electric

Before your walls go up, you want to deal with anything that runs behind them. While this might also include plumbing, it will definitely include electricity. Get all the wiring done and safe before moving on to the walls.

Step Five: Put Up the Walls

Unfinished basements have plain concrete for walls. To transform the space into a finished one, you need to add insulation, put up framing, and then hang dry wall.

Step Six: Finish the Floor

The next step in finishing a basement is to do the floor. You have a lot of options here, though we do suggest that you go with something nor easily damaged by water since you never know when your drains might back up. Also, incorporate a subfloor for maximum protection and insulation.

Step Seven: Dive Into Design

Now you are to the fun part of finishing basement steps: the aesthetics. With the structure in place, you get to make the space into whatever you want it to be. You can add walls, light fixtures, and other design elements that really make your basement your own. Of course, going DIY isn’t ideal. Instead, turn to RS Basements. We offer basement finishing Alpharetta that works with your budget and goals.

Some people find finishing the basement steps to be a challenge, but that doesn’t have to stop you. You can still make your own space into whatever it is that suits you best with RS Basements’s help! Learn how by checking out our helpful blog post on tips for Finishing Basement!


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