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The Small Basement Challenge: Maximizing Space

The Small Basement Challenge: Maximizing Space

Are you looking for ways to make your small, dark basement feel more comfortable and homey? A few small basement renovations can dramatically widen the space and make it more functional. Read on for ideas on how to maximize your basement space.


Tiny spaces often feel smaller when there is little light coming in or the available fixtures are hanging low, taking up a lot of overhead space. You can start by providing natural light to the space to brighten it up. You can also add LED systems for artificial lighting if there is no way to include more windows. Recessed light also does wonders to make the ceiling feel higher.

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Space Savers

One of the issues with small spaces is that it becomes challenging when you need extra storage. Maybe your basement is your workout space or library and you need shelving. Why not utilize unused space? You can install shelves under the stairs or go for furniture that doubles up as additional storage.

Sliding Doors

If your small finished basement doesn’t have enough room but you need to make a space private, you can go for sliding doors instead of conventional ones. Sliding against a wall and not opening up into your already limited space makes a lot of difference.

Industrial-style Ceilings

Is your ceiling too low? There is one trick to open it up: removing the basement ceiling and leaving it exposed. You can give the space an industrial look by leaving the beams and rafters open, which gives an illusion of additional height and space.

Creating Vertical Lines

Continuing with making use of illusion, one more way to trick the eye when space is limited is by creating vertical lines. You can use paneling on the basement walls or wainscoting to make the space look higher than it is.

Adding Mirrors

Installing mirrors is perfect for a small basement remodel as they reflect light, making the tiny space feel brighter and more comfortable. You can even amplify the idea by adding more mirrors to the space. Go for massive mirrors to reflect the natural light inside and open the space more.

Maximize Your Basement With Basement Contractors

A small basement can still be modern, stylish, comfortable, and functional. There are several ways to widen the space for your needs while adding a personal touch to your style. R&S Basements is your go-to basement remodeling company in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Johns Creek that will help you bring all these ideas to life.


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