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Tips for Finishing Basements

Tips for Finishing Basements

Many homeowners neglect their basements and use them to store old tools, clothes, toys etc. But did you know that you can renovate your basement and turn it into a finished living space, an office, a party space or even a yoga and meditation room? The good news is, you can have your basement remodeled without spending too much money. Below are the basement finishing tips to get you started

7 Tips to renovate your basement

  1. Dry up your basement area. It’s important to first inspect whether your basement is wet or damp before starting the renovation. If you can’t do it yourself, ensure you hire a specialist to help you out. This could help prevent molds and your basement from getting ruined.
  2. Decide on what you’ll use your basement for. One of the initial basement remodel tips is to make a decision on what you’ll use your basement for. Will it be a home theater room? A meditation room? Or an office room? Whichever the case, decide on the basement’s purpose first.
  3. Consult an architect or interior designer to help with the basement design. An architect or interior designer can help you carefully plan a space that is good-looking, comfortable and useful.
  4. Ensure there’s a good circulation of air. Are there vents or registers that were installed in your basement during construction? If not, you need to add an opening and return air duct for good air circulation.
  5. Leverage natural light in your basement. You’ll need more light in your basement and you can get natural light via your basement windows. Ensure you add a window or enlarge the one you have so as to receive adequate natural light.
  6. Be creative in lighting your basement artificially. Since basement ceilings tend to be low, it creates a feeling of being in a cage. So, how to finish a basement with low ceilings?. The solution to this is to use indirect lighting to splash large pools of light on your basement ceiling. This will make your space appear opened up and thus cause your basement to appear higher than it is.
  7. Ensure your basement is well insulated. Another of our finished basement design tips is to ensure your basement is well insulated. Insulation ensures your basement is comfortable and dry. It also helps prevent condensation, which could otherwise cause moisture problems such as mold growth.
  8. Basement finishing near me (Metro Atlanta)

    If you are having challenges doing the above, why not consult a professional to help you out? Contact R&S Basements if you need a basement finishing in Cumming, GA or basement finishing & remodeling in Alpharetta, GA.


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