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What Is a Partial Basement and What Can You Do With It?

What Is a Partial Basement and What Can You Do With It?

With the right ideas and tips, your basement can quickly become your favorite part of the house. Even if it’s not a full basement, there are various hacks to partially finish your basement on a budget, convert the space, and make it functional. Are you wondering what a partial basement is and what you can do with the space? Read on to find some exciting ideas.

What Is a Partial Basement?

A partial basement is not the typical full basement with the same width and length as the home. It is relatively much smaller, usually only half the measurements of the entire house. There are two types of partial basements: underground and daylight basements. 

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For underground partial basements, the entire space is fully submerged into the earth even before the foundation is constructed. And what about a daylight partially finished basement? These are designed so that sunlight can be accessed through the windows. The space receives more natural light and is easier to adjust based on your needs. 

What to Do With a Partial Basement

Even if the basement is generally dark, you can still put it to good use. You can convert your partial basement to serve the following purposes depending on your needs:

  • Laundry Room: The space can be your dedicated laundry room, where you can install your washers, utility sinks, ironing table, extra storage, and much more.
  • Home Office: Do you need a quiet and secluded space to work? The basement is free from traffic and distractions, so you can connect to the Internet and bring in the furniture and equipment to set up your office. 
  • Gym/ Exercise Room: Many homeowners are converting their basements into home gyms, and you may also love it. Simply bring in your equipment and set up. It is the perfect space for intense routines without disturbing other people in the house.
  • Entertainment Room: If you have a big family, you can also set up an entertaining room in the partial basement. You can add a massive screen and convert it into a video gaming room or a home bar. The space is ideal, especially when you want to reduce the noise levels in the home.

Seek the Services of a Professional Contractor

Don’t let your partial basement stay dark and lonely. Contract R&S Basements, a basement remodeling company in Alpharetta, to transform your basement into a stylish and functional space for you and the entire family. 


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