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Why Winter is a Great Time to Finish Your Basement

Why Winter is a Great Time to Finish Your Basement

There are so many amazing activities you can do with your basement during winter. But that can’t happen if the basement isn’t remodeled/finished. While there are so many basement remodeling ideas you probably have (e.g. turning it into a home gym), have you ever wondered if it’s possible to remodel your basement during winter? Are there benefits to remodeling during winter compared to other seasons? Many homeowners neglect their basements during winter but there are tremendous benefits to finishing it during winter. In this post, you’ll learn why winter is a great time to finish your basement.

3 Reasons to remodel your basement in winter

Take advantage of the reduced material costs.

Material costs tend to be reduced during winter since not so many homeowners remodel their homes during winter. Another reason is because manufacturers feature special offers on their materials during winter – in order to reduce inventory. Buying the remodeling materials during winter means you’ll be able to buy the materials before the manufacturers raise their prices. Don’t expect the cost of materials to be the same in summer as it was in winter. Take advantage of the reduced material costs in winter and save money.

It’s easier to find a contractor.

Another reason to remodel your basement in winter is contractor availability. Contractors tend to be busy with projects during summer and spring months – and it’s so hard to find one who’s free. However, during winter, their workload is lowered and many contractors may have more time to work on your project. Also, it’s highly likely your remodeling project will be finished on time. Some of the remodeling activities that can be done during winter include: replacing walls and floors, wiring and lighting, permit acquisition.

Quick permit approval and inspection.

Most local government agencies tend to be less busy during winter as compared to other seasons. This means their staff members have more time available to review and approve the basement remodeling project. Also, inspection appointments are quicker during winter. This makes the overall remodeling process extremely fast and efficient. Also, if you’re renovating so as to increase the value of your home and sell it, winter is the best time to plan and discuss marketing strategies with a realtor.

Basement remodeling companies in Metro Atlanta

Now that you’ve learned why basement finishing in winter is important, who can you contact to help you remodel your basement? If you’re looking for professional contractors with a proven track record of doing basement remodeling, get in touch with R&S Basements for Basement Remodeling in Cumming, GA or Basement Finishing Alpharetta, GA today.


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