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Our goal

Design skills

Our goal with every basement is to have the space look and feel like you designed it from the ground up. R&S Basements, more than any other company, achieves this goal. We “cut our teeth” on basements, and are very experienced in working with pre-existing constraints (e.g. air conditioning ducts, plumbing pipes, floors that are out of level, etc.). The best way to understand and see the value of our design expertise is to look first at your neighbors basement (the guy who did it himself), and then come see some one of ours.

A Customized Kitchen In A Basement


We’ve completed hundreds of projects in the last eleven years, and nearly every one of these customers was happier at the end of the project than when we started! This kind of track record is nearly unheard of in the home improvement industry.


When doing an “apples to apples” comparison of what R&S delivers to other legitimate companies, R&S is extremely cost competitive. We focus on value – the combination of cost, quality of work, and exceptional service.

A passion for excellence

Many of our customers have told us that we were more excited about their project than they were! We take great satisfaction in doing good work and adding value and livability to our customer’s homes.


R&S Basements is owned and operated by Kevin D. Relyea, a certified professional project manager and Georgia State licensed builder and remodeling contractor.

State Licensed and legally insured

As of July 1st 2008, all residential contractors are required by law to obtain and maintain a state license. This law was passed to protect homeowners and reduce their risk of doing business with unqualified contractors. This also means that working with a “contractor” who is not licensed is in violation of state law.

Use of licensed and insured, state certified subcontractors for plumbing, electrical, and HVAC (heating and air conditioning).

Homeowners who hire general contractors that don’t use state licensed subs are taking on huge risks. What’s worse, homeowners typically don’t understand that the risk goes well beyond completion of the project. If non-licensed workers cause a flood, carbon monoxide emissions, a fire from faulty electrical work, etc., it’s likely that your insurance company won’t honor a claim for damages resulting from the work of these non-licensed sub-contractors!

Professional relationships

R&S Basements has longstanding relationships with all of its subcontractors and suppliers. As a matter of fact, most of them have worked with us since the inception of our company. This translates into highly predictable results for your project – predictability in terms of timeframe, quality, and cost.